Feb 15, 2009

Murder of 9/11 Widow Beverly Eckert v assassination of JFK Jr, Barbara Olson, Joerg Haider

Murder of Main Activist 9/11 Widow, Beverly Eckert or How the illuminati take advantage of circumstances to eliminate a resister and above all to advance the terror agenda
Illuminati react immediately to a plane crash (Flight 3407, in New York State) by murdering Beverly Eckert at her home and packaging it as "government will go as far as to destroy a plane, killing scores of people in the air and eventually on the ground to silence the truth". (1)
This  "biggest conspiracy of 2009" is sold by the CIA Web of Disinformation using the parallel information societies framework . (2)

Murder of 9/11 Widow Beverly Eckert v techniques used to kill John Kennedy Jr, Barbara Olson and Joerg Haider
Contrast this technique with three other illuminati murders,  John Kennedy Jr., Barbara Olson and Jorg Haider (3),  where  the targets were also resisters, also not murdered where the "accident" took place, and also the bodies (for different reasons) were not brought to the scene of the "accident".
The difference is that in the other three cases, the illuminati kidnapped (in the case of Haider also murdered) the victims BEFORE the "accident".

(1)  Explained by Matt Marriott, 2/13/2009 2:21 PM (immediately after the "news" that Beverly Eckert was a "passenger"):
"HEY FOOLS Beverly Eckert was murdered at her home immediately after the news of the crash"

(2) The audience are the brainwashed who still see hope in 'Obama'. "Beverly Eckert met Obama week before" is the best possible way to pass the "give up your illusions" message.
See this CIA Web of Disinfo site, where of course replying with the truth is not possible:

(3) Murder of Jorg J Haider was exposed first by the same as in the case of JFK Jr. and Barbara Olson:
"Murder of Jorg J Haider for dummies"

But the first explanation was not yet correct in what concerns the technique used, which at first sight appeared to be the same as with Diana.
The thread was closed before the illuminati revealed all the details required to understand that this time it was not a strobe light.
With Haider the illuminati went as far as to murder him before the "accident" and not even bothering to bring his body to the scene of the car "crash", to prove how completely they control the sheep.

Note that the link also lists types of murders, with examples, using the "target type" criteria.

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