Oct 11, 2008

End Times: Paradoxes, Reductionism: "Murder" of Jorg Haider for dummies - see update

Update: Jörg Haider and Pim Fortuyn:  BOTH illuminati actors scripted as "oppositors" with the same end: a fake death, one of the illumnati classics.


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Murder of Jorg Haider: Target Type,  Paradox, Reductionism

End Times Paradoxes: 2009: who was in this millenium only the second and probably very last politician in the IV Reich with a parliamentary seat who the illuminati, lead by Alexander Adolf Hitler, were forced to murder?
Joerg Haider, who years earlier praised Adolf Hitler's "orderly employment policy".

Austrian Jörg Haider, governor of Carínthia, the only murder after Pim Fortuyn 2004 of type "target has some sort of executive powers within the political system", becomes the VERY last of that list, and that is not only because it was just only hours ago.
Reaching the 30% line for votes, theoretically possible if voting machines were not installed on time, means the death sentence.
With Jörg Haider, end times reductionism for that category of murders  reaches the utter limits: there will be no need for any other murders of this type.

How the murder was Executed and Reductionism

Reduction of how it was staged, from Lady Diana until Haider: what the illuminati progressively revealed in the course of 9 years, in the case of Diana, is reduced to a hole in the roof, hours after the "accident".
11 years after Diana, it was not even required to bring the body to the scene of the "crash".


Murder of Jörg Haider for dummies, exposed just hours after it happened
archived 2008

For Lady Diana start at: Typology of illuminati murders:

Bringing bodies of people murdered elsewhere to scene of the "accident":
See note added to "Murder of 9/11 Widow Beverly Eckert", Feb  2009