Apr 17, 2011

Matt Simmons 2010 to Arnie Gundersen 2011 reduction of illuminati murders related to end of the world "privatized"

BP and oil in the Gulf of Mexico, TEPCO and nuclear energy in Japan & Co: the privatization of the end of the world, by the illuminati.

Reduction of illuminati murders related to end of the world "privatized"
The private word, another illuminati ET paradox:
2008: illuminati "privatize" the infrastructure, starting with energy, while on the other hand they murder the last real swiss private banker, Alex Widmer.
Reason: Widmer trefused to participate in the cast for the ongoing script "banks bailout before the controlled collapse during the BIG BANG".

Murder of Matt Simmons 2010, the last expert to expose the BP lies.
2010, six weeks before Matt Simmons was murdered, he exposes the cover-up: 12:30 min in video: "no case ... open hole".
Simmons told the world that the real leak was a massive hole in the seabed some 20 miles away from the BP Deepwater Horizon riser pipe leak they were streaming video from.
He called it the Greatest Coverup in the History of the World[/b].

One year later, "no case ... open hole" again.
This time not at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico but in Japan, at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, impossible to cover-up.
As the "privatization" process officially completes, related illuminati murders are also reduced in a "developed world" where the reduction of humans to beasts is also completed.
As Gulf of Mexico oiled 2010 was upscaled to world nuked 2011, illuminati no longer need to murder Arnie Gunderson at Fairewinds, who exposed the TEPCO lies.

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http://www.godlikeproductions.com/fo...age1444567/pg1 Arnold Gundersen and Matt Simmons Comparisons

2010, six weeks before Simmons was murdered: 12:30 - no case ... open hole

Alex Widmer, the last private banker who had to be murdered by the illuminati

The "privatization" of the end of the world - Energy
What is ongoing at Fukushima in the explosive version is what the illuminati planned in the in slow-motion version for all the nuclear "fuel pools" located at each of the 104 Nuke plants in the USA.

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Mar 13, 2011: God's irony in End Times replicated the 9/11 illuminati detonation at Fukushima unit 3.

Added July 2014:
As predicted by Last Prophet: 3 years later Arnie Gunderson is still alive, as the official end of the world now begins.
We are just days from the theater act "Obama arrested on TV with senate and congress members as background".
It was introduced by this parallel script: "North Korea great leader's uncle arrested live, eaten alive by hungry dogs".

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