Aug 10, 2006

Types of Murders or murder attempts executed by the Illuminati

Some of the criteria used to classify Murders or murder attempts excuted to advance the illuminati agenda:
- type of target, where a first criterium is individual or mass murders (public, either official like Waco or  unofficial like OKC bombings, 911 or Virginia Tech).
- technique used to murder;
- main goal of the murder.

Classication based on type of target (individuals)

Depending on who is murdered,  Illuminati murders can basically be classified in two types, according to the ”murder the own agents or not” line:
- yes: (Anna Politkovskaya). Side note: another Anna, Lindh,was a fake death;
- no. Usually these are also resisters or at least refusing to follow illuminati orders, like Diana. But there is also cases where somebody is murdered just because he has the right profile for some role in a script.
This second type, can be basically divided into two subtypes. according to the ”directly linked to the control of the political system or not” line:
- no: the Diana type. This also includes patsies, officially murdered by the state (Timothy McVeigh) or not (Lee Oswald),
- yes.
This “YES” subtype, can be basically divided into two subtypes, according to the ”target has some sort of executive powers within the political or judicial system or not” line:
- no: pardoxically JFK Jr is the ultimate example.
- yes.

Mass murders by the terror state: 911 to Virginia Tech

JFK Jr, murdered to ensure control of the political system and yet  JFK Jr had no executive powers within the political or judicial system. Why?
Result #1 as of today (from a forum managed by the CIA Web of Disinfo):
Because Google knows the Laws of End Time Reductionism:
Don’t be mislead by the fact that Pim Fortuyn is used to find the page explaining how the murder of JFK Jr is directly related to the acceptance of the mark of the beast. The murder of Pim Fortuyn belongs to the other type, i.e. the “YES” type.
- last murder attempt of type “YES” in the US / EU: Ronald Reagan; Oskar Lafontaine.
- last murder of type “YES” in the US / EU: Robert Kennedy; Pim Fortuyn. (***)
But why are these cases so rare (***) in Illuminatziland?
The first part of the answer was already given above (see mark of the beast). The second result, as of today, has the rest of the answer:
Note that the very same page is also result #1 for:
Once again Google proves to know what the Laws of End Time Reductionism are all about.
(***) Added 11 October 2008: austrian Jörg Haider, governor of Carínthia, the only murder of this type after Pim Fortuyn, becomes the VERY last of the list, and that is not only because it was just only hours ago.
With Jörg Haider, end times reductionism for category of murders  "target has some sort of executive powers within the political system" reaches the utter limits: there will be no need for any other murders of this type.

added March 2009: a particular important case illustrating a murder where the target is neither an agent nor a resister would be patsy "Tim Kretschmer",  assigned the role of a serial killer in an illuminati murder of type "mass murder"  used to push the "disarm citizens" agenda to the utter limits.

"Would be" because as the link explains, there was never any "Tim Kretschmer", i.e. it is a totally fictional character.