Illuminati Murders

Begin here: Types of Murders or murder attempts executed by the Illuminati, illustrated with examples.

Jan 3, 2015

"Putin", Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky are not only traitors but also assassins:from commander Bednov and mayor Ishchenko to militias

"Putin" is a treasonous illuminati agent destroying Russia from within.
He was ordered to send chechen mercenaries to Donetsk and Lugansk to suppress the revolt and murder the KEY real rebel commanders.

"Putin", Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky are not only traitors but also assassins
Three types of killings: 
- direct hits by death squads, from rebel commanders to city mayors.
- direct hits under the cover of "friendly fire".
- the large majority by intelligence passed to Kiev nazis about where and when to strike the freedom fighters.

Rebel commanders murdered
Igor Bezler, Nov 4, 2014:
One of the heroes who achieved the apparently impossible mission of defending surrounded Gorlivka, under daily shellings after the Sept 2014 Minsk "truce".

Colonel Alexander Bednov and his "Batmen" unit, Jan 2, 2015: 
Near Georgievka: "Batmen" ambushed with thermobaric shells by chechen killers, infiltrators sent by "Putin".
"Batmen", the heroes of several battles in August 2014, were among the liberators of Georgievka, Sept 3, with the nazis in total disarray, just before the agents sent by "Putin" signed the Minsk "ceasefire".
Georgievka was occupied by the nazis July 20 and used to bomb elderly, women and children of Lugansk.

City Mayors murdered
Vyacheslav Ponomarev, July 2014
Mayor of Slavyansk when and where it all started, first hero murdered by the nazi infiltrators, 
Days later, the assassin, Strelkov/Girkin, abandoned the surrounded Slavyansk heroes to the neo-Gestapo.
"Turned off the lights of his convoy" was how he justified to be able to break out of the siege.

Yevgeny Ishchenko, Jan 16, 2015.
Mayor of Pervomaisk, one of the the heroic cities where the tide started to turn.
The nazi failure to take Pervomaisk was KEY for what was a seemingly impossible task even if leaders were not traitors.
In other words: how the Summer 2004 assault that started with overwhelming nazi advantage in weaponry became nazi military in disarray, l3 months later. 
Ishchenko denounced the Minsk armistice as invalid, and the LPR and its leader, Igor Plotnitsky, as illegitimate.

Colonel Bednov:
Christmas message from Alexander Bednov, next to his children, days before his assassination.
Video published by who only partly recognizes treason (accuses Lugansk oligarchs but not "Putin") and only long after it was due ("destruction of project Novorossiya has begun").
Tribute to Bednov
Sept 4, 2014 - Liberation of Georgievka,

Yevgeny Ishchenko:
Dec 8, 2014: Ishchenko in the rubble of Pervomaisk: "Here is your peace agreement" [English Subtitles]:
Yevgeny Ishchenko said that Alexander Zakharchenko, Donetsk People's Republic head, and his counterpart in Luhansk, Igor Plotnitsky, should be “ashamed” for dealing with Kiev, whom he said was responsible for civilian deaths.
While determined to continue fighting against Ukraine, Ishchenko, has also threatened to “turn the weapons in the opposite direction” (Novosti Novorossii, December 10, 2014; January 3, 2015). %5Btt_news%5D=43412
January 17 - Ishchenko murdered - video illustrates the illuminati disinfo, pretending to expose it while using the role of Plonitsky as fake jew to divert from "Putin".
Funeral - Undoubtedly, one of the most memorable stories of people in Novorossia:

Bezler and Ponomarev:
A fake Bezler stepped on stage in Russia, days after the murder of Igor Bezler:
On the other hand with Ponomarev, impossible to impersonate, the nazi infiltrators just denied his death.

Mariupol false flag for dummies - 5 seconds at a Donetsk funeral it's all it takes to get the FULL story
Fake rebel Zakharchenko has the leading role to suggest that "the rebels did it", before once again he halts the liberation of Mariupol

2014 May: Ukraine: Illuminati jokes: Fake jews: Igor vs Igor alias Kolomoisky vs Plotnitsky, where the better pig lookalike is casted on the bad side:
Note added March 25, 2015: Igor Kolomoisky detonates according to the script revealed in advance only by Last Prophet.

Photos from referenced videos

This is the age where you see nohting but fake funerals when it comes to "murdered" people, from Newtown school children to french caricaturists.
No wonder you didn't see the funeral of end times hero Yevgeny Ishchenko:


May 2, 2011

Lincoln to Kennedy the REAL story

Abraham Lincoln to John F Kennedy - the REAL story
Exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt:

Abraham Lincoln was the first US president murdered by the illuminati, 150 years ago, staged as illuminati joke: 
Actor Booth killed Lincoln in a booth at the theater.
The murder was immediately served as "THE ACT OF A DESPERATE REBEL" by Illuminati media. 
The script had two of the illuminati members of the government as miraculously surving "victims":
- Secretary Seward's failed assassination attempt despite having his throat stabbed two or three times 
- Vice President Johnson's failed assassination plot, despite havnig the man supposed to kill him renting the room above, where a loaded gun was found.

More illuminati jokes in the "Murder of Abraham Lincoln" script:
- Booth leapt from the booth onto the stage and shouted, “Sic semper tyrannis!” (“Thus ever to tyrants!”–the Virginia state motto). 
At first, the crowd interpreted the unfolding drama as part of the production, but a scream from the first lady told them otherwise. 
Although Booth broke his leg in the fall, he managed to leave the theater and escape from Washington on horseback.
- The search for John Wilkes Booth was one of the largest manhunts in history, with 10,000 federal troops, detectives and police tracking down the assassin.
It took 12 days until the fake death of actor Booth was staged.
- the answer to "Where was the Secret Service?": It didn’t exist yet, but Lincoln signed the bill creating it that night before he left for Ford’s Theater.

Abraham Lincoln's murder: an illuminati milestone 
In the words of illuminati media: “the cause of such mighty changes in the world’s history as we may perhaps never realize.” 
Yet it's indeed simple to realize that it took almost a century for another intruder to appear in US politics and consequently to be also eliminated.

150 years later, Illuminati media refreshes human cattle's brains about how they killed Abraham Lincoln 
Examples range from "10 interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln’s assassination" to "The Undying Conspiracy of John Wilkes Booth’s Body".

John F. Kennedy: second US president murdered by the illuminati: basically a reduced Lincoln script, 98 years later.
This time no longer need to 
- additionally stage fake assassination attempts against vice-president Johnson or anyone else in the government.
- have the same actor executing the murder to be later removed from stage with a fake death. In other words: actor and killer Booth reduced to simply actor Oswald.
- stage "one of the largest manhunts in history".
- wait 12 days to stage the fake death of the actor in the role of killer: Oswald "died" one day later.

President Lincoln Shot by an Assassin; The Deed Done at Ford's Theatre Last Night. THE ACT OF A DESPERATE REBEL The President Still Alive at Last Accounts. No Hopes Entertained of His Recovery. Attempted Assassination of Secretary Seward. DETAILS OF THE DREADFUL TRAGEDY.
Published: April 15, 1865

10 interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln’s assassination
It was 150 years ago tonight the President Abraham Lincoln was shot while watching a play at Ford’s Theater. Lincoln died the next morning, and in the aftermath, some odd facts seemed to pop up.
... ´3. If Colfax had been in the booth with Lincoln, ...

The Undying Conspiracy of John Wilkes Booth’s Body

The search for John Wilkes Booth was one of the largest manhunts in history, with 10,000 federal troops, detectives and police tracking down the assassin.
Booth leapt onto the stage and shouted, “Sic semper tyrannis!” (“Thus ever to tyrants!”–the Virginia state motto). At first, the crowd interpreted the unfolding drama as part of the production, but a scream from the first lady told them otherwise. Although Booth broke his leg in the fall, he managed to leave the theater and escape from Washington on horseback.
... the cause of such mighty changes in the world’s history as we may perhaps never realize.

One of the presidential tables where Lincoln and Kennedy are the two lonesome members: US presidents murdered by the illuminati.
Illuminati mocked Abraham Lincoln  with  Obama's train trip, the day he entered the first of his official lonesome tables.
Lots of facts about US presidents exposed first by Last Prophet by simply listing Obama's official and unofficial presidential tables, present and future:

70 years ago Hitler's last airforce commander became president Truman. 150 years ago a predecessor of Hitler had Lincoln murdered

Apr 17, 2011

Matt Simmons 2010 to Arnie Gundersen 2011 reduction of illuminati murders related to end of the world "privatized"

BP and oil in the Gulf of Mexico, TEPCO and nuclear energy in Japan & Co: the privatization of the end of the world, by the illuminati.

Reduction of illuminati murders related to end of the world "privatized"
The private word, another illuminati ET paradox:
2008: illuminati "privatize" the infrastructure, starting with energy, while on the other hand they murder the last real swiss private banker, Alex Widmer.
Reason: Widmer trefused to participate in the cast for the ongoing script "banks bailout before the controlled collapse during the BIG BANG".

Murder of Matt Simmons 2010, the last expert to expose the BP lies.
2010, six weeks before Matt Simmons was murdered, he exposes the cover-up: 12:30 min in video: "no case ... open hole".
Simmons told the world that the real leak was a massive hole in the seabed some 20 miles away from the BP Deepwater Horizon riser pipe leak they were streaming video from.
He called it the Greatest Coverup in the History of the World[/b].

One year later, "no case ... open hole" again.
This time not at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico but in Japan, at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, impossible to cover-up.
As the "privatization" process officially completes, related illuminati murders are also reduced in a "developed world" where the reduction of humans to beasts is also completed.
As Gulf of Mexico oiled 2010 was upscaled to world nuked 2011, illuminati no longer need to murder Arnie Gunderson at Fairewinds, who exposed the TEPCO lies.

Last Prophet's reply, 04/15/2011 01:39 PM, to: Arnold Gundersen and Matt Simmons Comparisons

2010, six weeks before Simmons was murdered: 12:30 - no case ... open hole

Alex Widmer, the last private banker who had to be murdered by the illuminati

The "privatization" of the end of the world - Energy
What is ongoing at Fukushima in the explosive version is what the illuminati planned in the in slow-motion version for all the nuclear "fuel pools" located at each of the 104 Nuke plants in the USA.

Search for Arnie Gunderson at:
Mar 13, 2011: God's irony in End Times replicated the 9/11 illuminati detonation at Fukushima unit 3.

Added July 2014:
As predicted by Last Prophet: 3 years later Arnie Gunderson is still alive, as the official end of the world now begins.
We are just days from the theater act "Obama arrested on TV with senate and congress members as background".
It was introduced by this parallel script: "North Korea great leader's uncle arrested live, eaten alive by hungry dogs".

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Jun 28, 2009

Sarajevo 28 June 1914 - First Bullet of End Times - Real Story revealed worldwide first

FIRST Illuminati Murder of End Times REVEALED LAST by the TWO LAST END TIME Prophets

Treaty of Versailles, 28 June 1919 - The pinnacle of Illuminati Theater in the script for TWO World Wars, the formal specification of the 1918 11/11, 11:11 milestone, that was openly revealed worldwide first by End Times Prophet 90 years later to the day. (1)

What better day than today, 90 years later to the day, for End Time Prophet to openly (2) reveal worldwide first the milestone that appears in the timeline days before the formal begin of End Times (3) as an illuminati murder (4), 95 years later to the day?
More precisely as the last "black sheep" (5) murdered by the Illuminati days before the begin of End Times and in fact by the first bullet of the illuminati script for global slaughter.

The name of the resister murdered, as written on his tomb (try to solve before seeing solution in Forums link):
F _ _ _ C _ _ _ O
F _ _ _ I _ _ _ _ O

Murder that "triggered" First World War at Sarajevo v "Murder" of "Neda" in Iran
How does this real illuminati murder compare to the fake illuminati murder of "Neda", the iranian "innocent bystander" that would have been already "exposed" by the illuminati as a hoax staged by "those contesting the victory of Ahmadinejad in the elections", if the hoax had not been immediately exposed by End Times Prophet in many dozens of timestamped messages to YouTube? (6)

Begin here: in both cases the official story was designed to mislead people of a particular nation into celebrating false heroes. More precisely to have Iranians celebrate "Neda" for a few days and to have S _ _ _ S celebrate the "killer" of F _ _ _ C _ _ _ O F _ _ _ I _ _ _ _ O for now 95 years to the day.

"Killer" that "triggered" Global Slaughter at Sarajevo, 1914 v "Killer" that "executed" first Mass Slaughter in US, 1995
As Matt Marriott begun posting in the internet, 1998, he was the first to explain that Timothy McVeigh was COMPLETELY innocent from what he was accused, exposing the OKC bombings as the first "Reichstag" type of mass slaughter by BushClinton.
Three years later, as the Illuminati executed Timothy McVeigh, he was no more the only one exposing the official story. In fact the Illuminati Web of Disinformation was actively "exposing" it.
Yet nobody else was able to state the simple TRUTH about the total innocence of Timothy McVeigh.

Now how does the serbian Gavrilo Princip compare to Timothy McVeigh, other than how the illuminati scripted their roles for mass slaughter, in one case murdering a couple to be immediately followed by a couple million and in the other case by murdering a couple hundred (more precisely 168) and waiting 6 years to stage the next act of a couple thousand?
Hint: think End Times Reductionism.

End Times Reductionism, Treaty of Versailles 28 June 1919 and Sarajevo 28 June 1914
28 June 2009 - 90 years to the day after Versailes ... 95 years to the day of the murder that "triggered" the First World War ... Exposing that illuminati murder immediately exposes why the Illuminati staged the Treaty of Versailles act on 28 June, the last key detail that Prophet did not yet reveal about that act.
It took almost 100 years to FULLY expose the Treaty of Versailles as Illuminati Theater. Contrast that with much less than 100 hours it took to expose "martyr" "Neda".
And yet both were exposed by only one. One and the same.

(1) 11/11 - the start code for global genocide, introduced by the genocide of the Jews
Blog result:

(2) The basic facts were revealed first by End Times Prophet Guido Knopp.
We know now who the End Times Prophets were. There were only 3 (+1): the children of Fatima, George Orwell, Matt Marriott (and Guido Knopp)

(3) The same Prophet who revealed first the FULL STORY of key illuminati murders part of the End of the USA puzzle, from Marylin Monroe to J.F.K Jr, from J.F.K to R.F.K.
Blog result:

(4) To understand the last days, you should know why July 1914 to April 1915 were the the first days of End Times - explained by the two last End Time Prophets long ago
Blog result:

(5) And what does Prince William of England (murdered 2007 and replaced with a double) have to do with murdering "black sheep"? Answer:
Blog result:

(6) CIA psy-op "NEDA" used to stage Fake death of "innocent bystander" in Iran to discredit protesters: All explained BEFORE the second and final act, "NEDA" resucitated

More iIlluminati milestones set at Sarajevo:
fake mass blood, served 2015 almost in a daily basis, starts 1994, Markale market,.

Forums: Riddle solved at --

Apr 27, 2009

John F. Kennedy Jr murdered - FULL STORY exposed worldwide first by Matt Marriott, 10 years later

Murder of John F. Kennedy Jr and End Time Reductionism

1. Murder of JFK Jr v Murder of RFK and JFK and End Times Reductionism
Nothing like the July 1999 CNN Board to illustrate this point.
Shortly after the "accident" was announced, CNN opened the message board "Kennedy Tragedy". (1)
Three hours later Matt Marriott posted "22 November 1963- 19 July 1999 - the circle is completed", which became visible in the first page of the board.
A milestone of end times reductionism about the satanic ritual murders part of the End of the USA puzzle. (2)

Three days later, 22 July 1999, after posting to the CNN board links to a page with the obvious keys (3) to a murder which was designed to be obvious, unlike the murder of Robert Kennedy in 1968 and John F Kennedy in 1963, Matt Marriott was banned from the CNN boards.
For the global illuminati media, after a moment of Truth shortly before and shortly after the begin of Armageddon, 22 July 1999 is the milestone for the end of placing pieces in the Illuminati End Times puzzle, till the end of Armageddon.

The last page of that board was designed to have as first lines the 26 July 1999 post of a CIA psy-op handle ("Joe Lewelling") "exposing" the fact that the Clintons attended the satanic ritual murder. The post was terminated in the illuminati joke format, with a reference to prosecutor Kenneth Starr, one of the key actors during the previously staged Clinton Impeachment.
26 July 1999, one week after the "plane crash" was announced, the last page of the board is another milestone of end times reductionism, with the Illuminati for the first time openly telling the sheep the essential "detail" of one of the satanic ritual murders part of the End of the USA puzzle. (4)

2. Assassinations of the Kennedies who refused to bow and End Time Reductionism
End Time Reductionism begins with the fact that JFK Jr was one of the last americans who refused to bow, shortly before almost all americans accepted to carry the mark of the Beast.

As now the Illuminati stage the "Obama's 100 Days: Behind-the-Scenes Photos" act, a set of 77 photos, which maximally reduced returns only one, the "Looking at History" photo, where "Obama stops to consider Aaron Shikler's famous portrait of John F. Kennedy" (5), the time came to reveal the FULL STORY of the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr.

The missing piece in the FULL STORY of the murder of John F. Kennedy Jr is simultaneously the missing link between the murder of John F Kennedy, the murder of Robert F Kennedy and the murder of John F Kennedy Jr.
As one would expect at the moment where End Time Reductionism reaches the utter limits, despite the fact that the missing piece was never revealed in public until today, revealing what the KEY is would immediately open the DOOR (as well as it would also immediately open another door to another KEY piece in the puzzle of the end of the USA).
So in this case, the riddle will not be part of formulating the KEY but rather included in the key to one of two basic requirements for the murder of JFK Jr:
- why did the murder of JFK Jr had to take place AFTER [ _ _ _ ] [ _ _ _ _ _ _] died? (6)

(1) CNN forums were the only global illuminati mass media where it was possible to post without previous censorship, although posts exposing core lies would be deleted later.
CNN boards, where End Times Prophet revealed the first pieces of the End Times puzzle, the "Clinton Impeachment", the ultimatum to Serbia in 1998 and the FULL STORY about who are the Illuminati, hours before the begin of the battle of Armageddon, March 24 1999.

(2) 07/19/99, post #6, deleted one day later. It is missing between #5 (4:01 pm) and #7 (4:10 pm) in the archived version of the first page.

(3) See puzzling questions ( page from July 20, 1999; posts from Matt Marriott from July 20 to July 22 linked to that page; archived 2001 )

(4) Joe Lewelling - 07/26/99, 10:56 am (#2881 of 2897)
Obviously the Clintons are behind this--John-John was about to endorse Guilliani for Senator and Hillary had to take him out./
1. The crash was near Martha's Vinyard--The Clintons vacation on Martha's Vinyard.
2. The wreckage washed up on Gayhead Beach. The Clintons have been big gay rights supporters.
3. The plane was a Piper. JFK Jr was killed to keep him from "piping up"!
Paranoid? I think not!
It is time that Starr looked into the whereabouts of Hillary Clinton, Harold Ikes (sp!) and Jim Carvile on that Friday afternoon.

page archived:

(5) Looking at History
On an early tour of the White House residence, Obama stops outside the State Dining Room to consider Aaron Shikler's famous portrait of John F. Kennedy.,00.html

(6) Think before checking solution of riddle here:

*** Basic concepts (KEY, DOOR, end times reductionism)

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Feb 15, 2009

Murder of 9/11 Widow Beverly Eckert v assassination of JFK Jr, Barbara Olson, Joerg Haider

Murder of Main Activist 9/11 Widow, Beverly Eckert or How the illuminati take advantage of circumstances to eliminate a resister and above all to advance the terror agenda
Illuminati react immediately to a plane crash (Flight 3407, in New York State) by murdering Beverly Eckert at her home and packaging it as "government will go as far as to destroy a plane, killing scores of people in the air and eventually on the ground to silence the truth". (1)
This  "biggest conspiracy of 2009" is sold by the CIA Web of Disinformation using the parallel information societies framework . (2)

Murder of 9/11 Widow Beverly Eckert v techniques used to kill John Kennedy Jr, Barbara Olson and Joerg Haider
Contrast this technique with three other illuminati murders,  John Kennedy Jr., Barbara Olson and Jorg Haider (3),  where  the targets were also resisters, also not murdered where the "accident" took place, and also the bodies (for different reasons) were not brought to the scene of the "accident".
The difference is that in the other three cases, the illuminati kidnapped (in the case of Haider also murdered) the victims BEFORE the "accident".

(1)  Explained by Matt Marriott, 2/13/2009 2:21 PM (immediately after the "news" that Beverly Eckert was a "passenger"):
"HEY FOOLS Beverly Eckert was murdered at her home immediately after the news of the crash"

(2) The audience are the brainwashed who still see hope in 'Obama'. "Beverly Eckert met Obama week before" is the best possible way to pass the "give up your illusions" message.
See this CIA Web of Disinfo site, where of course replying with the truth is not possible:

(3) Murder of Jorg J Haider was exposed first by the same as in the case of JFK Jr. and Barbara Olson:
"Murder of Jorg J Haider for dummies"

But the first explanation was not yet correct in what concerns the technique used, which at first sight appeared to be the same as with Diana.
The thread was closed before the illuminati revealed all the details required to understand that this time it was not a strobe light.
With Haider the illuminati went as far as to murder him before the "accident" and not even bothering to bring his body to the scene of the car "crash", to prove how completely they control the sheep.

Note that the link also lists types of murders, with examples, using the "target type" criteria.

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Dec 6, 2008

Murder of LAST Swiss Private Banker Alex Widmer, Julius Baer, and ET Reductionism - exposed worldwide first

Bank Julius Bär and Reductionism: LAST Swiss Private Banker Alex Widmer Murdered

The two basic reasons why the Illuminati murdered Alex Widmer, CEO of Swiss Private Bank Julius Baer:

1. Alex Widmer was the VERY LAST Swiss Private Banker (1) and did not accept to give up that status.

In other words:
- he could not accept the "End Time Bailouts" script; (2)
- he could not accept the "oil output pushed to maximum by arabian illuminati agents despite dramatic drop of demand" script. (3)

2. By not accepting what is explained in the first basic reason, Alex Widmer automatically became one of the two ideal SWISS victims to be murdered (4), as part of the illuminati script "TOTAL TERROR", required now in the last days of illuminati overtime. (5)

(1) The illuminati media packages it as "suicide".
Reminder: early 2008, the illuminati staged an act to mark the end of the last private bankers in Illuminatziland. That act included the public delivery of the "accept it or die" message to Alex Widmer. Note that the illuminati packaged the act using the "safety valve" mind control technique, in this case "fighting tax evasion".,1518,539068,00.html


(3) HORRIBLE TRUTH about PACKED shelves and $50 oil shortly before *** the END *** revealed worldwide first

(4) Hint: the murder script for the second one is not suicide.
It is the script for Princess Diana combined with the script for Joerg Haider, pushed to the utter limits.

(5) ...

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