Dec 6, 2008

Murder of LAST Swiss Private Banker Alex Widmer, Julius Baer, and ET Reductionism - exposed worldwide first

Bank Julius Bär and Reductionism: LAST Swiss Private Banker Alex Widmer Murdered

The two basic reasons why the Illuminati murdered Alex Widmer, CEO of Swiss Private Bank Julius Baer:

1. Alex Widmer was the VERY LAST Swiss Private Banker (1) and did not accept to give up that status.

In other words:
- he could not accept the "End Time Bailouts" script; (2)
- he could not accept the "oil output pushed to maximum by arabian illuminati agents despite dramatic drop of demand" script. (3)

2. By not accepting what is explained in the first basic reason, Alex Widmer automatically became one of the two ideal SWISS victims to be murdered (4), as part of the illuminati script "TOTAL TERROR", required now in the last days of illuminati overtime. (5)

(1) The illuminati media packages it as "suicide".
Reminder: early 2008, the illuminati staged an act to mark the end of the last private bankers in Illuminatziland. That act included the public delivery of the "accept it or die" message to Alex Widmer. Note that the illuminati packaged the act using the "safety valve" mind control technique, in this case "fighting tax evasion".,1518,539068,00.html


(3) HORRIBLE TRUTH about PACKED shelves and $50 oil shortly before *** the END *** revealed worldwide first

(4) Hint: the murder script for the second one is not suicide.
It is the script for Princess Diana combined with the script for Joerg Haider, pushed to the utter limits.

(5) ...

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